Benefits Of This Technology

Benefits Of This Technology

• The Activated Solution is a highly effective disinfectant of full spectrum
• Does not contain hazardous chemical like other disinfectants, sanitation products and detergents
• The ECA Solutions and Detergents are Non- Toxic, therefore there is no need to use protective equipment
• Highly efficient to clean and disinfect any non-porous surface
• The Activated Solutions do not require rinsing
• The Activated Detergents require less rinsing water than conventional cleaning detergents.
• Do not leave residues
• Substitution of conventional disinfection and cleaning chemicals
• Its usage allow substantial time, water and energy savings
• The ECA Solutions are highly effective in the removal and control of Bio-film in surfaces, pipes and process equipments
• They are use to safely disinfect perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry
• The ECA solutions do not damage or alter the characteristics or integrity of food products and have been shown to substantially extend the shelf life of these products
• It can be use in CIP’s where it has been shown that the average time can be reduce by up to 70% to accomplish an effective cleaning and disinfecting cycle, compared to the time needed when conventional chemicals are used when conventional chemicals are used
• Substantial water savings that can reach up to 60% due to the shorter cycle and contact time needed to effectively clean and disinfect along with the ability to recycle the solutions for future reuse.
• The ECA solutions have been shown to be safe for unrestricted use by plant personnel, as well as application to food and beverage products in all types of manufacturing and packaging plants.