SterilEZ® healthcare and hygiene products are spearheading a revolution in the prevention of healthcare acquired infections (HCAI).

SterilEZ® Suginra Ltd was born in a pharmaceutical & chemical company, and so we understand the science of healthcare. We’ve been been researching why there are still so many problems with HCAI, despite all the effort that has gone into controlling them.
One often overlooked issue is that traditional disinfectants from 2 to 10 minutes to be fully effective. But in busy hospitals and care homes, the reality is that they’re usually in contact with a surface for just a few seconds, then wiped off.

If conventional disinfectants don’t have time to work, micro-organisms may not be completely wiped out, and any survivors can potentially start to develop resistance.
The implications of this are far-reaching, particularly with antibiotics becoming less effective as a cure.

SterilEZ™ kills 99.99% of all known germs in a contact time of less than one minute. It’s completely safe for people and the environment.

Published science has shown SterilEZ to be the most effective product on the market when it comes to keeping hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments clean and safe.

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