• General sanitization needs
• Disinfects milking machines & dairy-processing equipment
• Treats liquid manure
• Disinfect Garbage, Stagnant Water
• No risk of the development of germ resistance

• Disinfect grain for storage
• Preserve fodder/silage
• Suppression of pathogenic fungi on plants
• Prolong shelf life of vegetables, fruit and cut flowers
• Disinfect irrigation water for crop spraying and pest control
• Decrease toxicity of effluent entering the water system
• Disinfect seeds and stimulate accelerated growth of plants, increase number of flowers and yield

SterilEZ® technology is a revolution in safe, effective biocides for animal welfare, biosecurity and crop protection.

SterilEZ reduces risk and increases margins across a range of agricultural applications. We work with farmers and food processors throughout the world to reduce risks, improve animal welfare and increase margins through our ground-breaking technology and systems.

Hypochlorous acid is becoming established as the clean, green, safe, effective biocide of the future. But if you’re going to make the transition, you need to know your livestock, crops and business are in safe hands..

Above all, we’re practical problem solvers with a real understanding of industry workflows and the capacity to design solutions.

Read on for more information and some case studies, and get in touch to discuss how we can help your agribusiness.
• Dairy
• Poultry
• Other livestock

Agriculture : Dairy
SterilEZ® is a powerful biocide with many animal health and hygiene applications on dairy farms. It can be used to treat mastitis and digital dermatitis, eradicate cryptosporidium, and improve water and environmental hygiene, and represents a major step forward in biosecurity, safe sanitation and welfare for dairy cows.
• multipurpose (one product for water, hygiene, teats, feet, clusters, wound healing)
• safe, non-toxic, no special handling
• controls bacteria and biofilm
• reduces SSC
• highly effective
• cost-effective
SterilEZ® can be used as a highly effective pre- and post-milking sanitiser, and also helps to prevent and heal wound infection. It is safe for animals and the environment, and can even be used in drinking water. In cluster washing, it can be used in both manual and auto back flush systems. It is non-corrosive and has no impact on rubbers and liners.

SterilEZ can be used for parlour washing, and also in field troughs. It can be dosed into animal drinking water to control bacteria and biofilm, and also reduces limescale deposits.