used for removing mineral deposits and the elimination of harmful biofilms in nutrient lines and reservoirs minimizing the habitat for plant pathogens.
suitable for all hydroponics applications including: Ebb-N-Flow, Rockwool, DWC, NFT, DTW, and RDWC applications.

• Use in all hydroponics growing systems
• Maintains a clean and clear nutrient solution
• Dissolves mineral buildups, reducing the risk of nutrient lockout
• Increases ORP, creating an environment unsuitable for pathogen and fungi development
• Broad activity against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae
• Prevent the buildup of slime, algae, and fungus in nutrient lines, tanks, and drippers
• Encourage superior root growth
• Prevent root disease in propagation
• No risk of root burn
• Neutral pH of 6.8, NO pH buffers necessary
• Use at any stage of growth all the way to harvest