Food Service

Food Service

• Food preparation – salad and fruit washing and surface cleaning
• Restaurants – kitchen and general cleaning
• Routine washing and cleaning dishes and glasses
• Dish Machines
• General cleaning and disinfectant routines – floors, walls, toilets and bathrooms
• Kill bacteria on sushi, ceviche, and other raw seafood products
• Significantly reduces aerobic bacteria, coliform bacteria, molds, and yeasts on lettuce and other vegetables.
• Kills E. Coli and Listeria monocytogenes on plastic kitchen cutting boards.
• Sterilize Food Prep Surfaces
• “Active Ice” / Food Cases
• Sterilize Public & Common Areas
• Hand Sanitizing
• Kill Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, and Listeria monocytogenes that may be on fresh eggs.

we understand the need to clean and disinfect a facility or process and how to do it. Whether it is a production plant, a water supply system, ingredients, catering preparation area or front of house dining area, SterilEZ® technology provides world class cleaning and disinfection quickly and safely.
Controlling the risk of bacteria, yeast, mould and viruses in any environment can bring both financial and operational pressure, but is essential to ensure product, brand and customer integrity for your business.
Our industry-leading products and flexible applications can have a real impact on the protection, risk, safety and cost of disinfecting.
We also care about the environmental impact of cleaning and disinfection, so our products are formulated to ensure that the need for environmental control and disposal are significantly reduced.

SterilEZ® products:
• Kill 99.99% of yeast, bacteria, spores, moulds and viruses. Especially effective against biofilms.
• Fast acting – effective quicker than the majority of traditional disinfecting chemicals due to low contact times
• Spray, wipe and dry (no rinse required) reduces staff time & cost
• Completely harmless for customers/children, animals & the environment
• Non-hazardous, no special H&S precautions
• Multi–purpose application: The same product can be used for many processes from water treatment, CIP, environmental fogging and surface disinfection amongst others
• Can be used at ambient temperature, so no need for additional energy costs for heating the product

STERILEZ® provide a technical application development service to tailor the technology to your exact requirements. Post implementation, we provide a full support, training, validation and maintenance service, backed up by remote monitoring of the on-site system to ensure optimum performance. Working together with our customers, we can satisfy all food safety, risk assessment and diligence requirements
Beverages Industry
• Elimination of hazardous chemicals usage such as Chlorine, Caustic Soda and others.
• Cleaning and disinfection of filling lines
• Elimination of bacterial contamination.
• Prevent the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts such as carbonates and chlorides (scale/calcification).
• Reduction of sanitation expenses up to 70%.
• Up to 40% reduction in sanitation time.
• Reduction in water consumption used to eliminate chemical residues.
• Reduction in a 100% of energy consumption.
• No damage in the filler lines packing.
• Reduction in residual water contamination.
• Simplification and reduction in water purification and carbon and sand filters cleaning.
• Prevents the growth of algae, fungi, bio-film and anaerobic bacteria such as Legionella that cause disease, corrosion of piping and equipment, foul odors and flow problems in the water lines.

Cleaning and Sanitation
General cleaning and disinfection of working tables, floors, doors, etc.
• Offices, meeting rooms
• Restrooms
• Walls, wood and ceramic floors
• Kitchen appliances
• Carpets
• Cars
• Drapes and blinds
• Toys
• Furniture
• Vegetables and food washing and disinfection
• Clothing