The SterilEZ for disinfection and cleaning, for preserving and improving food quality, indoor and outdoor sanitation of equipment, for biofilm removal deposited in water pipelines, for transportation systems, for washing of bottles, caps, cans, trays, hard surfaces and any other tool, residual waste water treatment and for personal hand washing and sanitation.

Oct 8, 2013 All Things Medical
The medical profession is woefully in need of a therapeutic for healing chronic wounds. Enter SterilEZ™, a natural product with the active ingredient of hypocholorous acid. This is the exact same molecule in our white blood cells that kills bacteria, fungi, and maybe viruses. SterilEZ™ is electrolyzed anolyte water that incidentally oxygenates and hydrates the skin. Non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-stinging, it is available in a spray bottle (as well as quarts, gallons, and 55 gallon drums) for direct application to wounds and as a commercial disinfectant. Sprayed directly on wounds, SterilEZ™ accelerates wound healing. Its real role to fighting infection is that it is destructive to bacteria (Staphylococcus – usual and MRSA, Salmonella, E coli), viruses, fungi, and other molds. Although bioterrorism will never happen in the U.S., it does neutralize sarin, mustard and nerve gas, and kills anthrax!
Non-medical uses included fungi and viruses control on plants as it oxygenates and stimulates them. SterilEZ™ should be sprayed on foods to kill “germs”, on credit cards, hands before eating, the face and back for acne control. It is small enough to carry in the pocket for “bathroom management and smell.” I use it for spraying my hands between patients, in the air for refreshing the room after a patient leaves, and even under my arms for odor management. SterilEZ™ has many other benefits. It is useful in cosmetic procedures and is starting to be used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Poured in a neti pot, this creates an effective sinus cleanse, in pet areas such a litter boxes, pet cages, soiled pet areas, it eliminates odors. In the basement, shower and bathtub, this substance eliminates mold and mildew (and their odors). This product can be used as a mouthwash plain or if you wish, add peppermint oil and/or xylitol. Countertops and cutting boards need this natural chemical to stop the spread of food borne pathogens. Kitchen washcloths and sponges loaded with bacteria are still another healthy SterilEZ™ practice.
Hypochlorous Acid has been used for over 100 years, but has been forgotten by modern day physicians. It has been clinically almost overlooked except by a few in the veterinary profession. But, commercially, these products have been used in hundreds of hospitals such as St. Johns in Tulsa, OK, as a disinfectant for inanimate objects.
Hypochlorous acid (SterilEZ™) is finally taking its rightful place in the best practice regiment for wound care. Hypochlorous acid water products have been available over the years from various vendors and at varying cost to health professionals, veterinaries, and home users.

When a wound, either surgical or traumatic, breaks our skin, a gateway is created for harmful pathogens to invade the underlying tissue. Then, white blood cells, which flow in the blood vessels and reside in our tissue, migrate to the infection site and destroy the invading pathogen. The first step in this process is engulfing the pathogen. Once the neutrophil has completely surrounded the pathogen, it produces an oxidant, hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a biocide, meaning it kills other living material, mainly bacteria, almost instantly.
The human body rids itself of bacteria, etc., naturally if it can. If not, the germs get rid of the human body! This defense mechanism is with the production of a highly effective endogenous antimicrobial, (hypochlorous acid) to fight infection.
Our white blood cells release this natural oxidant internally to fight invading pathogens. This hypochlorous acid created by our cellular immune system reacts with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds that interferes with their metabolic processes and kills individual bacterium within milliseconds! This is termed the oxidative burst! During this process, our white cells utilize oxygen and convert it to hydrogen peroxide using a mitochondrial-membrane-bound enzyme (NADPHase). Another endogenous enzyme, myeloperoxidase, catalyzes the reaction between Hydrogen peroxide and Chloride to generate Hypochlorous acid.
To review, when an invading pathogen or infection threatens a human cell, the body’s immune system responds by destroying the pathogen before it can harm the cell. The invading bacteria are engulfed and “eaten” by the white blood cells (neutrophils, eosinphils, mononuclear phagocytes, and some B lymphocytes) in a process termed phagocytosis and are destroyed by hypochlorous acid. Now we in the healing profession can mimic this by spraying this natural defender on the very germs that were going to destroy our living tissue.
This problem has been solved by a stabilized form of hypochlorous acid and has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo both in animal and human studies to possess healing properties. Various similar products have been around for the last 75 years, but have disappeared or are extremely hard to find and lack quality control in production.